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Massachusetts Mental Health Counselors Association, Inc.


Our awards and scholarships recognize the many ways individuals and organizations make a positive impact on the field of mental health.
Mental Health Counselor of the Year Award

The Mental Health Counselor of the Year Award is given in recognition of LMHCs who spends more than half their time providing direct mental health counseling and consultation. It is intended to recognize LMHCs who provide outstanding mental health counseling services to the MA public.

Mental Health Counselor Educator of the Year Award

The Mental Health Counselor Educator Award is given to an educator, supervisor, or other academic professional who spends more than half their time on LMHC-focused academic work, such as teaching, training, consultation, supervision, research, or program development.

It is intended to recognize outstanding humanitarian service to graduate students in academia.

Professional Service and Leadership Award

The Professional Service and Leadership is given in recognition of a MaMHCA member whose dedication, service, and leadership have strengthened the organization and promoted the goals and mission of the organization or the mental health counseling profession as a whole.

Nomination for this award requires a letter of support from a board member submitted on the nominee’s behalf.

Lifetime Achievement Award

The Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes an individual who has spent 10+ years dedicated to the mission and vision of MaMHCA and the counseling profession as a whole, with clear, consistent, and meaningful contributions to those goals for the duration of that time.

To assure your nomination is considered, please plan to describe at least 2 notable contributions of lasting impact to MaMHCA or the LMHC profession in the description section.

Nomination for this award requires two additional letters of support submitted by members in good standing on the nominee’s behalf.

Mental Health Organization of the Year Award

The Mental Health Organization of the Year Award honors organizations that advance the cause of mental health through a variety of modalities, such as:

  • fostering a culture of good mental health in the workplace
  • providing outstanding mental health service to consumers in Massachusetts through innovative service programs
  • implementing new programming with significant positive impact on public health
  • creating a positive work environment for mental health clinicians
  • recognizing and supporting the professionalism of the LMHC workforce


Haberman-Williams MaMHCA Scholarship

Named in honor of MaMHCA’s founder Berna Haberman and first executive director Midge Williams, this scholarship rewards MaMHCA members currently in graduate school who exemplify the ideal mental health counseling graduate student, as demonstrated by academic performance and commitment to the counseling field.

MaMHCA has awarded 19 scholarships since 2011 

Donations to the Scholarship fund can be made here: Haberman-Williams Scholarship Donation; or by members at the time of their membership renewal. 

Winners receive:

  • A single nonrenewable financial award of $2000.00 for the academic year
  • A one-year MaMHCA membership
  • Free admittance to the Annual Conference
  • Free admittance to a licensure exam clinic
  • Free admittance to a license application clinic
  • Free license application support.


  • Any current MaMHCA member may make a nomination for an award.
  • The nominator and nominee or scholarship applicant must be current MaMHCA members in good standing.
  • Nominators can only nominate one individual or organization for each award annually. 
  • Self-nominations are permissable 
  • To apply for the scholarship, students must be in their first year of a graduate training program.
  • Students applying for the scholarship must be able to attend the Annual Conference for that year in its entirety.

Awards Nomination Form

Haberman-Williams Scholarship Forms


Haberman-Williams MaMHCA Scholarship
  • 2021 Brendan Attridge, Lesley University, and Linda Simmons, UMass Boston
  • 2020 Bridget Lehane, Bridgewater State University
  • 2019 Ragini Jha, Boston College, and Yohana Beraki, Boston University
  • 2018 Ziyu Fang, Lesley University, and Cyriesse Hall, Boston School of Psychoanalysis
  • 2017 Hannah Emerson, UMass Boston, and Alyssa Murphy, Boston University
  • 2016 Denise Galford-Koeppel, Bay Path University, and AJ Guerrero, UMass Boston
  • 2015 Lucie Munroe, Lesley University, and Ruby Stardrum, UMass Boston
  • 2014 Sarah Deschenes, MSPP, and Kendra Knauf, UMass Boston
  • 2013 Erin Fitzgerald, Assumption College, and Venus Taylor, MSPP
  • 2012 Courtenay Carpenter, Assumption College
  • 2011 Christina Hampton, Lesley University
LMHC of the Year
  • 2020 Lisa St. Laurent
  • 2018 April Middleton and Susan Jones
  • 2016 Dorothea (Thea) Farrell, LMHC
  • 2015 Evan Schinell, LMHC
  • 2013 Lucy Borodkin, LMHC
Mental Health Counselor Educator of the Year Award Recipients
  • 2021 Stacey Pimentel, LMHC, and Jenn Hurley, LMHC
  • 2019 Deborah McMakin, Framingham State University
  • 2018 The MaMHCA Licensure Support Committee: Jami Osborne, Julie Smith, Patricia Lotterman, Berna Haberman, Veneita Burden
  • 2017 Azara Santiago Rivera, Merrimack College
  • 2016 David McCallister, LMHC
  • 2014 Joseph R. Weeks, LMHC, Bridgewater University
  • 2008 Patrice Miller, Salem State College
  • 2005 Susan Gere, Lesley University
  • 2003 Derek Parr, Springfield College
  • 2001 Bonnie Bullard, Professional Training Institute
  • 2001 Linda Lawless, Professional Training Institute
  • 2000 John Carew, Cambridge College
  • 1999 Robert Read, Salem State College
  • 1994 Mary Ann Gawalek, Lesley College
President’s Award
  • 2020 Ariel Axelrod, LMHC
  • 2019 Stacey Pimentel, LMHC
  • 2018 Richard Nahigian, Esq.
  • 2017 Samantha Dutra, LMHC, and Keri-Ann Wagner, LMHC
  • 2016 John Ciervo, LMHC
MaMHCA Community Service Award Recipients
  • 2018 Sgt. Andrew Holmstead, Duxbury Police Department
  • 2015 Gloucester Police Department and Chief Leonard Campenallo
  • 2014 U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren
  • 2013 Mariagnese Cattaneo, PhD, LMHC
  • 2011 Mariagnese Cattaneo, PhD, LMHC
  • 2009 Ronald Wozniak, LMHC, and Jill Ritchie, LMHC
  • 2007 Ruth Balser, State Representative
  • 2006 Berna Haberman, in honor of MaMHCA’s 25th Anniversary, and Denis Dupuis, In honor of MaMHCA’s 25th Anniversary
  • 2005 Mary Ann Hanley, LMHC Representative on Board of Allied Mental Health and Human Services Professions, and Richard Goodman, LMHC Representative on Board of Allied Mental Health and Human Services Professions
  • 2004 Veneita Burden, License Support Committee Chair
  • 2002 Alice LaBonte Hsu, MaMHCA Representative to Red Cross Disaster Relief, 9/11 responder
  • 2001 Mary Ann Hanley, LMHC Representative on Board of Allied Mental Health and Human Services Professions, and Richard Goodman, LMHC Representative on Board of Allied Mental Health and Human Services Professions
  • 1999 David Favreau, Membership-Scholarship Donor
  • 1998 Tory Gates/WJIB
  • 1997 Sen. Charles Traviglini, Chair, Human Services Committee, and Berna Haberman, MaMHCA Founder
Special Lifetime Achievement Recognition
  • 2021 Deborah (Debby) Bergstrom
Lifetime Achievement Award
  • 2020 John Carew, and Deborah (Debby) Bergstrom
  • 2019 David McAllister, LMHC
  • 2017 Linda Lawless, LMHC
  • 2016 Donna Keane, LMHC
  • 2015 Christine McNiff, LMHC, Past President 2006-2007
  • 2013 Ronald Wozniak, SJ, LMHC
  • 2011 Lucy Borodkin
Mental Health Organization/Agency of the Year
  • 2019 Wayside Youth and Family Support, Inc.
  • 2017 Elevate Counseling Services, Inc.
  • 2016 Gandara, Inc.
  • 2015 The Door is Open Counseling Center, Joyce Dolberg Rowe, LMHC, Director
  • 2013 Gosnold on Cape Cod, Raymond Tomasi, CEO, and Angela Sheppard, Program Director, Emerson House
  • 2011 Gosnold on Cape Cod, Raymond Tomasi, CEO, Gosnold, Inc.
  • 2000 William Taylor, Advocates, Inc.
Service Appreciation Award
  • 2013 Jamie Lynn Ross, Principal, Fat Cat Design
Professional Service and Leadership Award
  • 2021 Elinor Janvrin, LMHC
  • 2020 Jami Osborne, LMHC
  • 2019 Jennifer Hurley, LMHC
Legislator of the Year
  • 2020 Sen. Julian Cyr
  • 2019 Reps. Josh Cutler and Kathleen LaNatra

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