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Gov Baker signing the ABC Act

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  • Oct
    August 07, 2011-August 08, 2011

    Cultivating Cultural Awareness & Humility Working with Local Asian Americans

    10/1/2022 Foxboro, MA
    In recognition of the fact that not all people from Asia are the same, that cultures vary from nation to nation around the Pacific rim, psychologist Aileen Lee will introdice us to some basic skills necessary for supporting these clients.
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  • Oct
    August 07, 2011-August 08, 2011

    S1 - A Framework for Supervision

    10/9/2022 Foxboro, MA
    This training presents an overview and conceptual framework for the 15-hour Core course component of MaMHCA’s Supervision Training Program. It is intended for experienced clinicians who wish to become trained supervisors.
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  • Oct
    August 07, 2011-August 08, 2011

    Board Meeting via Zoom

    10/15/2022 Foxboro, MA
    Monthly meeting of the MaMHCA Board of Directors. Meeting is open to non-Board members by invitation only.
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