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Referral Network Directory 6th Ed. Coming

December 6, 2018 05:30 PM

Announcing the Sixth Edition of MaMHCA’s Referral Network Directory!

MaMHCA has created a statewide LMHC Network that is easily accessible to consumers and contains comprehensive and complete information about LMHC practices and skills. We use the Directory as a basis for making referrals when MaMHCA receives calls and/or emails requesting counseling resources and approved supervisor resources.


TheMaMHCA Referral Network Directory is designed to help consumers locate a Licensed Mental Health Counselor based on their individual counseling needs. The Directory describes the education and training qualifications of Licensed Mental Health Counselors, and basic information for consumers about the counseling process. The initial section of the MaMHCA Referral Network Directory provides analphabetical listing by geographic region that profiles individual members of the MaMHCA Referral Network who provide services in individual or group private practice settings.  Cross Reference sections include Approved Supervisors, MaMHCA Certified Supervisors and Bilingual Services.



MaMHCA will again be distributing the Directory for referral purposes to clinics, agencies, hospitals, schools, graduate programs, LMHCs, mental health practitioners and other appropriate recipients.


MaMHCA also posts the Directory on our Web Page in the Consumer Section. This section of our web Page has received a great deal of positive attention and appreciation from other referring groups and resources both in and beyond our Commonwealth


Listings in MaMHCA’s Referral Network Directory

  • LMHCs must be current members of MaMHCA to be listed in the Directory.
  • You must provide proof of your current and valid Massachusetts LMHC license and you must be in good standing with the Allied Mental Health Board.
  • You must provide proof of current professional liability insurance.
  • MaMHCA charges a fee for membership in the Directory to help cover printing and marketing costs. We also accept display ads for Directory members. 

Please Note:

  • Applications for the 6th Edition of the Referral Network Directory are now available. The completed application is due byJanuary 30, 2019.
  • You can download an application on line: HERE  or you can request to have an application e-mailed to you by e-mailing a request to josborne@mamhca.org or by calling 508-698-0010.


â–ºCopies of the Directory will be available to download from our Website at no charge.