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November 2017

It has been a busy season for legislative committees! There have been significant changes to the members and chairs of several committees, including the ones reviewing our bills. This is a great opportunity to spread awareness, post information on public boards and forums, and get people talking about our bills! If you haven't already, please use the tools on the policy landing page to find your legislator and see if they are assigned to the committees reviewing our bills (Mental Health, Substance Abuse, and Recovery) Here are updated documents that you can use and distribute, with all updates and changes as of November:

Thank you for everything!

~ The MaMHCA Policy Team


June 2017

Read Midge Williams, LMHC, Executive Director's Testimony in support of MaMHCA's Behavioral Health Workforce Development Bill.


March 2017


MaMHCA Legislation:

  HB 1061 & SB 1108 - "An Act Relative to Expanding Access and Safety of Mental Health Services"

HB 1062 – "An Act Relative to Establishing a Workforce Development Trust Fund"

 HB 601 - "An Act Funding the Behavioral Workforce Development Trust Fund"  

As you may already know, MaMHCA has filed 3 bills HD 57 "An Act Relative to Expanding Access and Safety of Mental Health Services", which now has a bill number HB 1061, on the House side and SB 1108 on the Senate side, "An Act Relative to Establishing a Workforce Development Trust Fund" HD220, now HB 1062, and lastly, "An Act Funding the Behavioral Workforce Development Trust Fund" HB 601, formerly HD222.  Both Bills are sponsored by Rep. Josh Cutler and Senator Joan Lovely.    

All of our bills have been assigned to the Joint Committee on Mental Health, Substance Use and Recovery, Chaired by Senator Jennifer Flanagan and Representative Denise Garlick. A link to the Committee page is found here

As of today, there are no hearings scheduled for any of our bills, but as hearing dates get scheduled, we will send out notices via our MaMHCA Media/Constant Contact system. Please check your emails for our regular updates regarding our legislative activities. We need constituents like you to reach out to your Senators and Representatives to get their attention.  We must be the squeaky wheel if we want change to come to this state.

We want to thank all our members who helped with our efforts to secure co-sponsors for our bills.  While the House date for obtaining co-sponsors is past, the Senate will still accept co-sponsors signing on to bills until hearing dates are set.   

Actions Needed NOW:

Getting cosponsors is an incredibly important piece of the advocacy for this bill to pass. The more legislators we can get to sign onto this bill, and put their name to it, the more public support we will have. 

I do not have to emphasize how important this bill is to our profession to ensure we can take the highest quality care of our clients.

►Please Contact your State Senator

Emphasize that this is a bill that will keep clients, professionals and the public safe.

·       Emphasize that this is a bill to provide equality and parity among provider professionals with similar licenses.

·       Let your legislators know of your profession. What you do, what clientele you see and how this bill can positively affect your workplace and your community.

·       Emphasize that this bill is a NEED and not a WANT - It is necessary for us to have this ability in order to keep those we are charged with caring for safe.

►Please download and fill out this letter to Representative Sanchez, House Chair of this Committee, fill it out, and return to MaMHCA via e-mail to Joeor fax at 508-698-1711   to continue to advocate once we have a hearing date with his Committee. Those forms with the information you provide, are incredibly important to this process, so please download and fill them out and email them to Joe Weeks.

This document will become an important piece of our advocacy.  It will put a name and description to the hard work you do and validate why we need this important ability.

Keep an eye out for additional newsletters as we progress through this process. Once again, thank you so much for your support!

Supporting Documents:

Call to Action Letter Section 12  and Section 12 Fact Sheet

Call To Action Letter Workforce Development & Supervision and Fact Sheet