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DSM-5 and ICD-10

September 2015

DSM-5 and ICD 10 Conversion                                                                   

As you may know, this October 1, 2015, marks the full transition from DSM-IV-TR codes to the full adoption of DSM-5 codes for diagnosis and billing.  Additionally, DSM codes will now align with the ICD-10 Codes (International Classification of Disease -10) on October 1, 2015. This means all DSM-5 codes will now become F-codes, also printed in the DSM-5.  

We have only recently learned that there are approximately 70 diagnostic code errors in all DSM-5 manuals printed and purchased before March of 2014. 

► If you purchased your DSM-5 before March 2014, the American Psychiatric Association has printed an addendum with the corrected codes which can be downloaded.