MaMHCA's Member Mentoring Program!


The purpose of the program is to educate new members about all the amazing benefits that MaMHCA has to offer!

► This program is FREE for new members.

This program is for you!  Signing up for a mentor is a wonderful opportunity for you to be paired up with a “seasoned” member who can show you around (the website) attend a training with you (discounted), join you for coffee and a phone call, and meet up at our social events that we will be hosting this year (at no additional cost to you).

►Existing members who become mentors will receive free training and CEs.

If you have been around MaMHCA for a while and have been thinking about “giving back” to your organization, the Mentor program is a great place to do just that.  We will be hosting ongoing trainings for Mentors.  You will get all the information and support you will need about coming alongside a fellow member and mentoring them as they get connected to our amazing and information-packed professional organization.


If you would like to be mentored or would like to be a mentor we can sign you up.


Just send an email to:  Jenn Hurley /