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MaMHCA Bills have Numbers and Need Support

January 19, 2019 07:48 PM

Legislative Update

Our Bills have assigned docket numbers! The time is now to call your representatives and encourage them to co-sponsor our bills! Rep. Josh Cutler has done tremendous work to make the legislative issues of MaMHCA happen as our lead sponsor, and we need all of you, our MaMHCA community, to make phone calls, send emails, and tell others to do the same so that our bills have as many co-sponsors as possible! Legislators can still sign on to support our bills after the co-sponsor deadline of 5pm 2/1/19, but it assures their support and better political momentum if they are listed as a co-sponsor of the bills.
Here are the assigned docket numbers for our bills:
  • HD552 - An Act Expanding Access and Safety of Mental Health Services
    • This bill is our Section 12 'Parity Bill'
  • HD1065 - An Act Establishing a Board of Registration of Licensed Mental Health Counselors
    • This bill is proposing to increase the efficiency of the Licensing Board by separating mental health counselors (who by far make up the majority of applicants) from the other professions the board of Allied Mental Health currently reviews
    • This bill also creates an 'entry level' or 1st tier license (LSMHC) for individual who are being Supervised (the S) and working toward the Independent LMHC license
  • HD160 & 161 - An Act Relative to Establishing a Behavioral Health Workforce Development Trust Fund
    • This is the bill that uses existing funds from the Workforce Development Trust Fund, and allows the Behavioral Health field (all professions and licenses in behavioral health) access to these funds in order to pay for supervision needs that currently are an unfunded mandate
Fact Sheets and more specific information about these bills are posted on the Public Policy homepage here. You can also check out the updates, comment, and share posts via our social media accounts on Twitter and Facebook, we are using the general MaMHCA #LMHC and for the bills specifically using the docket numbers of #HD552, #HD1065, and #HD160&161. Don't hesitate to download the fact sheets, or repost info on social media, send them to colleagues, networking contacts, or any other folks who you think are interested in these important issues facing mental health care, and specifically Mental Health Counselors in Massachusetts! Lets keep the issues and conversations important to our community in the spotlight of this legislative cycle until we see these bills pass!