MaMHCA Certified Clinical Supervisors

MaMHCA Certified Clinical Supervisors serve aspiring LMHCs as Contract Supervisors for graduate students in Practica and Internships, and Post MA individuals accruing their work experience for their LMHC in qualified agencies.

All MaMHCA Certified Clinical Supervisors have completed the required two-year training in supervision theory, issues and competencies, and presented evidence of their supervisory skills to the faculty of the training program.

Frances Ascheim, LMHC
Reynold Barnes, LMHC
Denise Borelli, LMHC
Melissa Boisvert, LMHC
Blanca Alicia Calderone, LMHC
Martha Cohen, LMHC
Cheryl Coughlin, LMHC
Joan DeSousa, LMHC
Kathy DiFraia, LMHC
Karen Enegess, LMHC
Rhona Engleman, LMHC
Lisa Fereira, LMHC
Jessica Foley, LMHC
Crystal Harding, LMHC
Gina Hartley, LMHC
Judith M Hayes, LMHC
Cheryl Kaufmann, LMHC
Glen Klein, LMHC
Sarah Libby, LMHC
Sandra J. Madruga, LMHC
Emily Marsick, LMHC
David P. McAllister, LMHC
Anne Mercer, LMHC
Nicole Mottley, LMHC
Daniel Newman, LMHC
Pamela Newton, LMHC
Anita Nichols-Habib, LMHC
Jami Osborne, LMHC
Stacey Pimentel, LMHC
Bonnie Prizio, LMHC
Mona Lee Rosen, LMHC
Sheila Ryan, LMHC, LADC1
Karen Scafidi, LMHC
Ken Sherman, LMHC, LADC1
Julie Smith, LMHC
Judith Tanner, LMHC
Norman P. Tonelli, LMHC
Alexis Truslow, LMHC
Anne Vasey, LMHC, LMFT
Judith Walsh, LMHC
Joseph Weeks, LMHC

  • If you are in need of an Approved and Highly Trained LMHC Supervisor please contact the MaMHCA Office via e-mail or phone: 508-698-0010 for referrals.
  • Read more about the MaMHCA Supervision Training Program, and upcoming trainings.