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Continuing Education Home Study Program  

Home Study Options:

  • Read a Book
  • Suggest a Book
  • Attend a MaMHCA Webinar
  • Read a MaMHCA Newsletter


Read a Book

MaMHCA has approved a variety of books on mental health topics for continuing education credit. See our catalog of qualifying books below.

All you need to do is read the book (easily ordered through our web site link to Amazon.com) and pass the short answer test that MaMHCA provides.

Tests are available from MaMHCA electronically or by hard copy. Upon completion of your test with a score of 75% correct answers, you will receive documentation of your CE credit in the mail. You have one year upon receipt of your test to receive credit.

Costs:  MaMHCA is charging ONLY $13.00 per CE credis which included in the $130.00 fee. Also, please note that the cost is for CEs only and does not include cost of the book(s).

To Order a Home Study Book and Test follow these simple steps:

1.   Order your book through Amazon* by clicking on the book title on the Home Study Book Order Page or obtain the book on your own. *Ordering through Amazon via our website link helps to support your professional association!

2.   Order your CE Test online.

3.   Receive your test via email from the MaMHCA office.  (Tests are normally sent on Wednesdays and Thursdays.)

4.   Submit your CE Test: Send the completed CE test to the MaMHCA office  for scoring. You will receive your CE certificate in the mail. 

Mail to:   MaMHCA, 17 Cocasset Street, Foxboro, MA 02035 


Suggest a Book 

MaMHCA invites members to earn Continuing Education Hours by submitting a book they believe would be a valuable resource to other LMHCs, to be included in the Book Home Study Program.

All you need to do is read a book, and follow this four-step process:

  1. Submit  book title and topic to MaMHCA for approval.  Download the submission form.
  2. Create a short-answer test with a minimum of 30 multiple choice and/or True/False questions.
  3. Send your Test Questions and a copy of the Book to MaMHCA.
  4. Receive Your CEs  - Once we receive your book and review and approve your test questions, you will receive a CE certificate for the same number of CE hours (usually 10 CEs) that are assigned to the book/test for the LMHC consumers.


MaMHCA Webinars

MaMHCA offers webinars in both video and slide formats.

·NEW! “Regulations Changes LMHCs Need to Know Now!”;  This webinar in slide format, reviews ALL the important changes in the New LMHC CMR 262 regulations, with Midge Williams, LMHC, MaMHCA Executive Director. more info

·Working with Step Families”; A Video Webinar with Judy Osborne, LMFT, LMHC.  more info


MaMHCA Newsletters


LMHCs can earn 2 CEs for reading a MaMHCA Newsletter and submitting the CE Test Crossword within. The Newsletter is issued quarterly to MaMHCA Members, Not a member? Join Now.


MaMHCA Continuing Education Book Catalog

The following books are approved for 10 CEs. The cost of the Test is $130.00