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MaMHCA: Massachusetts Mental Health Counselors Association

Telementalhealth_programMaMHCA TeleMentalHealth 

Certificate Program 

Launched 11/14/2020

This 28 CEU Certificate in TeleMentalHealth will provide clinicians with an overview of practical tools and forms, HIPAA information, recordkeeping, screening of clients and use of virtual platforms from both Clinician/Client and Supervisor/ Supervisee perspectives.

Certificate Courses:

TMH #1 Best Practices Covid & Beyond; 3 CE

TMH #2 Special Treatment Modalities; 3 CE

TMH #3 Clinical Research Findings w/Agency Clinicians & Clients; 3 CEs

TMH #4 Supervision Challenges; 4 CEs [MaCCS elective*]

TMH # 5 Legal Ethical & Regulatory Issues; 4 CEs [MaCCS elective*]

TMH #6 Beyond Talk Therapy: EMDR & Action Methods; 3 CEs

TMH #7 Screening Clients for TM; 4 CEs

TMH #8 Recordkeeping for TMH; 4 CEUs [MaCCS elective*]

* can also be used for electives in the MaMHCA Certified  Clinical Supervision Training

The The 2020 MaMHCA Annual Conference    6 CEs were available—NOT required

TMH Certificate Program launch occurred during the Conference. Those in attendance have received an additional 6 CEs towards this certificate, however these are NOT required if you complete the remaining courses.