Over 40 Years of Service to the Mental Health Community

MaMHCA: Massachusetts Mental Health Counselors Association



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Nominate a Colleague or Agency for a MaMHCA Award!

We encourage all members of the MaMHCA Community to nominate members for the individual awards and to nominate an agency with positive policies in support of LMHCs. 

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Be Inspired by past award winners: 

► LMHCs and MaMHCA Members who:

• Created the Haberman-Williams MaMHCA Scholarship Program
• Created the MaMHCA Licensure Support Counseling Program
• Began the MaMHCA Job & Career Fairs for mental health counselors
• Counseled responders during the California Fires
• Counseled in Louisiana and Mississippi after Katrina
• Counseled airline personnel at Logan Airport on 9/11 and 9/10
• Counseled responders at Ground Zero

► Counselor Educators who:

• Created the LMHC Licensure Examination Preparation Courses
• Created the Continuing Education Certification Program
• Created a Western Massachusetts Regional MaMHCA Group 
• Who Inspire Students every day

► Mental Health Agencies who:

• Initiated health insurance plans for part-time and fee-for-service LMHCs
• Initiated paid internships for LMHC candidates
• Promoted positive LMHC professional development
• Supported MaMHCA Job & Career Fairs  and the hiring of LMHCs

More Past Award Winners Listed Here!