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Be Inspired by past award winners: 

► LMHCs and MaMHCA Members who:

• Created the Haberman-Williams MaMHCA Scholarship Program
• Created the MaMHCA Licensure Support Counseling Program
• Began the MaMHCA Job & Career Fairs for mental health counselors
• Counseled responders during the California Fires
• Counseled in Louisiana and Mississippi after Katrina
• Counseled airline personnel at Logan Airport on 9/11 and 9/10
• Counseled responders at Ground Zero

► Counselor Educators who:

• Created the LMHC Licensure Examination Preparation Courses
• Created the Continuing Education Certification Program
• Created a Western Massachusetts Regional MaMHCA Group 
• Who Inspire Students every day

► Mental Health Agencies who:

• Initiated health insurance plans for part-time and fee-for-service LMHCs
• Initiated paid internships for LMHC candidates
• Promoted positive LMHC professional development
• Supported MaMHCA Job & Career Fairs  and the hiring of LMHCs


MaMHCA Annual Award Recipients 2016

Each year MaMHCA recognizes outstanding contributions to our profession by an LMHC member, a mental health agency/organization that supports LMHCs, and a mental health counselor educator through our awards program.

MaMHCA wishes to acknowledge all mental health counselors who perform above and beyond our professional code of ethics.

This year MaMHCA was honored to present 5 awards at our Annual Meeting on November 12, 2016, held at the luncheon of our 30th Annual Conference Massachusetts Medical Society Conference Center. This year MaMHCA inaugurated a new award - the President’s Award – which is given to an individual or organization nominated by the sitting MaMHCA President, for outstanding service to MaMHCA and the LMHC profession.

John_Ciervo_and_JoeThis year, the President’s Award went to John Ciervo, LMHC, in recognition of his commitment to MaMHCA, LMHCs and the safety of clients undergoing a mental health/substance abuse/opioid abuse crisis through his strong advocacy for Emergency Referral Privileges for LMHCs.







Thea_Farrell_and_JoeThe MaMHCA LMHC of the Year was awarded to Dorothy (Thea) Farrell, LMHC, inrecognition of her long-standing, strong commitment to innovative and responsive client care in both agency and private practice settings, and her dedication to the profession of clinical mental health counseling through her service to MaMHCA and AMHCA.








Donna_Keane_and_JoeMaMHCA’s Lifetime Service Award was given to Donna Keane, LMHC, who has ably served as MaMHCA Treasurer for 13 years,2004 through 2017. This award was given in recognition of Donna’s outstanding service to MaMHCA through her dedication to the MaMHCA’s ongoing fiscal integrity and its future growth and development.







Dave_McAllister___JoeThe MaMHCA Counselor Educator of the Year Award went to David P. McAllister, LMHC, in recognition of his outstanding commitment to mental health counseling graduate student education, and his creation and ongoing stewardship of the Haberman-Williams MaMHCA Scholarship program. David created this program and has guided it through the past 5 years, and seen MaMHCA help support 10 graduate students with $1000 award to each.






The Mental Health Agency of the Year went to Gandara Mental Health, Inc. in recognition of their pro-active approach to quality service in providing MaMHCA’s Certified Clinical Supervision Training Program for their LMHC employees and for their commitment to serving the underserved in their community.

We encourage all members of MaMHCA to nominate MaMHCA members for the individual awards and to nominate an agency with positive policies in support of LMHCs. 

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