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LMHC License Renewal Closes & CE Audit Begins

January 26, 2018 03:01 PM


With the start of 2018 all the LMHC license renewal applications should have been submitted to the Allied Board of Mental Health and Human Services Professions. Many will have received their correspondence from the LMHC Board, and it’s important to remember that the random audits for CE compliance began on January 2nd, 2018.



In the Winter 2018 edition of the MaMHCA Messenger Newsletter, Midge Williams, MaMHCA Exec. Dir., provided some essential audit information for LMHCs within her regularly featured column entitled, Newsbriefs.

In addition to the Newsletter article, Midge has also developed a slideshow webinar entitled, Regulations Changes LMHCs Need to Know. This slideshow webinar will help you to understand the recently implemented (July, 2017) Mass CMR-262 LMHC Regulations. In addition to the changes in requirements for licensure as an LMHC, Midge reviews important new elements that impact LMHC practice, including:

·       Minimum requirements for a client record

·       Minimum requirements for informed consent to treat

·       New specified ethical standards

·       New standards for Approved Supervisors and Supervision


To access our MaMHCA Messenger Newsletter, head over to the Member’s Newsletter section of our website here! If you’re not a member yet, or need to renew, don’t worry because in a few easy steps you can take care of this online! Just head over to the Join or Renew page here! Midge’s slideshow webinar is available to anyone for purchase, or to members at a discounted rate, just head over to the Webinar Series page here for more information!