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LMHC License Renewal 2017

October 30, 2017 05:04 PM

LMHC License Renewal 2017 

~Your Questions Answered~ 

The LMHC License Renewal notices have started to arrive on the doorsteps of LMHCs across Massachusetts. You will likely be receiving yours over the next weeks, so look out for that envelope from the Division of Professional Licensure (DPL). Many LMHCs have been asking questions about the renewal process, and the information posted by DPL about changes coming down the pike, but don't worry MaMHCA is here to help! 

Below find some common questions and answers about renewal, and don't forget to check out the other sections of MaMHCA.org if you need more information or to register for some last minute CEs via our event calendar here! 

Don't forget, there is also a slide webinar for CE credit "Regulations Changes LMHCs Need to Know" by Midge Williams, MaMHCA Executive Director, available for purchase here!


What Ways Will DPL Accept Renewals?

  • You will have the option of completing the enclosed form and mailing your renewal back to DPL, or completing your renewal online.
  • You will still need your renewal notice to renew online, because that document is where you will find the necessary information and codes to complete the online renewal. 


What About the Domestic Violence training? Do I Need it This Year?  

  • ·Yes, there is a new mandate regarding training for Domestic Violence, AND it is not yet implemented.
  • No, this mandate will not be enforced for this licensure renewal cycle, ending December 31, 2017.

·The Licensing Board will let us know when this will go into effect.

This information can be found in the CMR 262. Section 7.03 (2), (a), & (b), which states that the Board, in conjunction with the Department of Public Health (DPH), will identify programs or courses of study that meet the standards {for domestic violence trainings} and provide licensees with a list of such programs.

This mandate/requirement is pursuant to MGL c. 112 § 264 and applies to all health care providers. All the health professions’ boards are collaborating with DPH to develop the approval process for CE programs.

MaMHCA hopes to again offer the Domestic Violence training for CE credit next year and will work however possible to keep our members informed when we hear more information about this mandate and process.


What About Mandated Reporter Training?

  • As part of the renewal, you will be required to acknowledge your obligations when renewing pertaining to mandated reporting (M.G.L. C. 112, S. 1A.) These obligations include the completion of training to recognize and report suspected child abuse or neglect
  • In the slide webinar "Regulation Changes LMHCs Need to Know" by Midge Williams, MaMHCA Exec. Dir. available here she provides more information on this and where to get this training.


When Can I Be Audited?

  • Audits for CEs are done at random, and you can be audited up to two years following the renewal. DPL recommends that you keep CE documentation for four years.