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Important Announcement Regarding Your Newsletter

December 29, 2018 09:00 AM

megaphoneYour MaMHCA Newsletter SimplifiedAn Important Announcement ! 


Beginning January 2019, your MaMHCA Messenger will be coming to you in a New Format and on a New Schedule.


New Professionals and Studentswill be getting a newsletter aimed at their issues and concerns, e.g. internships, Post MA work, licensure and licensure support services, MaMHCA’s Job Fairs and more, as well as articles from New Professionals and Students/Interns working on the front lines of direct service.


LMHCs in Agency and Private Practicewill be getting a newsletter aimed at their issues and concerns, e.g. Billing issues, Risk Management, License renewal and audits, Continuing Education, Private Practice Development, Critical Legislative and Public Policy Initiatives, Networking opportunities, Clinical Supervision Training Program, and much more.


The Listings of MCEAP Approved CEs will still be sent in a separate message.

The Crossword Puzzles for CE Credit for Reading the Newsletter will also be in a separate message.


Newsletters will be delivered Directly in the body of the e-mail from MaMHCA 


Messages/Constant Contact – no links necessary to see the information.


Our hope is to be able to get important information out to our members in a more frequent and timely way, and to make important information more readily recognizable to those who might need it.