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Diversity & Equality: a Virtual Town Hall Meeting

Saturday, November 21, 2020
09:00 AM - 12:00 PM
MaMHCA Zoom Meeting

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MAMHCA and its expansive membership across our great State of Massachusetts
is uniquely positioned to lead the way in creating real change across our
Commonwealth with regard to supporting diversity and equality in the provision
of clinical mental health services within our communities, schools, public, and
private organizations.
It is the goal of this virtual town hall meeting to bring together our membership’s
voices from the distinct geographic areas across our State to ensure a broad
representation given the unique demographics regionally with regard to specific
equality challenges that impact clinical mental health services while celebrating
Massachusetts’s diversity.
We recognize the challenges for licensed mental health counselors in Boston are
quite different from either Springfield or Pittsfield. We would like to have a
deeper understanding of how we can help each of you to do your work daily with
increased sensitivity to both diversity and equality in your provision of clinical
mental health services.
Licensed Mental Health Counselors have been trained to value strength based
approaches, celebrate diversity in all of its forms, recognize barriers to services
particularly for linguistically different populations, and to be curious and to
support the needs of the global world in which we all currently live.
We would like to come together on Saturday, November 21, 2020 from 9AM to
12PM to have an open discussion with our membership from across the State and
to listen to what you identify as your specific needs for professional development
during this exciting time in our country that has placed diversity and equality at
the forefront of clinical mental health service provision.
We all have been awakened to the message that we can do and we should do
more to support access and equality to clinical mental health services particularly
for Black and Brown communities, but also for all underserved communities and
newcomer populations.
This will be a virtual Town Hall style meeting in which MAMHCA wants to listen to
each of you and to identify specific areas in which MAMHCA can expand its
current role across the State of Massachusetts to support improving your clinical
mental health practice through creating greater sensitivity to the impact of
culture, linguistic differences, and supporting equality for the many diverse
populations that traditionally have been underserved.
We can together work towards the goal of eliminating barriers to accessing
clinical mental health services and recognizing that access clinical mental health
services should be a right for all.
Some of you have been doing this work effectively for a long time, we want to
learn from you and for you to share your best practices with regard to clinical
mental health services and how you respond to diversity and ensure equality in
your work.
While we also recognize that others may be just be starting their careers in clinical
mental health work, and you may have a different need or desire for additional
training and professional development.
We welcome all of you to this virtual town meeting!
We want to hear and listen to all of your voices from across our State. MAMHCA
desires this town hall to be the first step towards the creation of a comprehensive
diversity and equality workshop series to be developed for our membership in the
MAMHCA and its membership have been on the forefront in providing mental
health services that celebrate all people, all populations, and the diversity in our
communities for many years. Yet, recent national events have shown us there is
much work to be done.
Let’s come together to continue to focus on how MAMHCA can lead change in
this area and support linguistic and cultural sensitivity and equality across the
State of Massachusetts.

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