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Dancing with Transference/Counter Transference/Somatic Transference

Saturday, October 26, 2019
01:00 PM - 04:00 PM
MaMHCA Conference and Office Spaces
17 Cocasset Street 3rd floor
Foxboro, MA , 02035

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The very real phenomenon of transference/countertransference [T/CT] and Somatic Countertransference [SC] are something we are all aware happens but are rarely taught how to navigate.  For example: have you ever found yourself struggling to suppress yawns with only one client knowing you aren’t tired, and yet unable to stay focused?  The clients before and after this one don’t seem to have this effect on you? Perhaps this is a T/CT issue, but because you aren’t taught to recognize it or work with it, you find yourself feeling like there’s either something wrong with you or the client. Dance and Movement Therapists are trained to know what this is, how to dance with it and play with T/CT and SC. Through case studies, experiential exercises and activities, and lots of laughter, we will explore T/CT and SC, learn to identify “what is mine and what is the client’s,” and begin the process of safely playing with T/CT, SC so that the client gets benefit and the therapist doesn’t get tangled in the confusion that often arises.   This training will help you begin the process of identifying and playing with T/CT with your clients, turning the challenging person into someone you look forward to “dancing with.”

with Jami Osborne, LMHC, MaCCS, DCMHS, RDT/BCT

3 MCEAP Category 1 CEs

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