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Helping Families Access MassHealth Home and Community-Based Behavioral Health Services for Children and Youths under 21: A Guide for School Personnel

The Children’s Behavioral Health Initiative (CBHI) has produced a helpful resource guide for school personnel on MassHealth’s home- and community-based behavioral health services for children and youth under age 21.   Created for teachers, school nurses, health educators, psychologists, social workers, adjustment counselors and others who interact directly with students, the school resource guide provides information useful in connecting MassHealth-eligible students with needed behavioral health services. The guide also offers valuable information on how school personnel can collaborate in Intensive Care Coordination using the Wraparound process, an approach to individualized care planning that is very effective for some youth with complex needs. Lastly, the guide provides guidance for school administrators and others interested in building systematic behavioral health supports for their students through collaboration in local System of Care Committees that can help build linkages that benefit students, families, and schools.  

The guide can be downloaded here.


How to Apply for MassHealth for Your Child

This application guide provides valuable step by step instructions for parents and caregivers for applying to MassHealth.  It contains practical tips to ensure a smooth application process, links to required application forms, as well as instructions for finding these forms on the MassHealth web site. The guide also provides helpful information for parents on accessing CommonHealth, the MassHealth coverage that offers benefits similar to MassHealth Standard for disabled adults and children who are ineligible for MassHealth Standard because their family income is too high.  While the guide was developed for parents interested in enrolling their children in MassHealth in order to access its home- and community-based behavioral health services, the information is useful for anyone who wants to apply for this health coverage.

The guide can be downloaded here.


Other MassHealth Behavioral Health Brochures Now Downloadable from the CBHI Website

The MassHealth behavioral health brochure, “Worried About the Way Your Child is Acting or Feeling?” is now available as a download from the CBHI web site. The brochure provides family-friendly descriptions of MassHealth’s home and community-based behavioral services for children and youth under age 21 and information on where to access services in your community. The downloadable brochures print in black and white and are available by geographic region in English, Spanish and Portuguese. Color copies can still obtained from the on-line order form located on the CBHI website. Follow the link to order or download the free brochures. 

MassHealth Behavioral Health Brochures Available in Additional Languages: The MassHealth behavioral health brochure, “Worried About the Way Your Child is Acting or Feeling?” is now available in English, Spanish and Portuguese. In addition to more languages, the publication has been updated and includes new provider contact information, as well as new providers who began delivering services at print time.  


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MassHealth’s Contracted Health Plans’ Customer Service Departments:

Boston Medical Center (BMC) HealthNet Plan 1-888-566-0010 (English) 1-888-566-0012

(Spanish) TTY: 1-800-421-1220

Fallon Community Health Plan 1-800-868-5200 - TTY: 1-877-608-7677

Neighborhood Health Plan 1-800-462-5449 - TTY: 1-800-655-1761

Network Health 1-888-257-1985 - TTY: 617-888-391-5535

Primary Care Clinician (PCC) Plan 1-800-841-2900 - TTY: 1-800-497-4648

Massachusetts Behavioral Health Partnership 1-800-495-0086 - TTY: 617-790-4130