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MaMHCA: Massachusetts Mental Health Counselors Association

Obtaining and Renewing Your License


MaMHCA has a wide range of excellent services dedicated to helping individuals successfully obtain their LMHC License. 

Achieving Licensure

Licensure Examination Preparation Workshops

3-day workshop, given September, March and June; Includes PTI Licensure Exam Handbook and Study Guide; Excellent subject review and test-taking techniques, practice and explanation

â–ºThis workshop has successfully helped over 2500 LMHCs pass their license exam!

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Licensure Examination Home Study: PTI Handbook and Study Guide

The Clinical Mental Health Counselor Handbook and Study Guide  developed by PTI for MaMHCA for the  MA licensure exam preparation; Content chapters reviewing mental health counseling theory and practice; Chapters on test-taking techniques and preparation; practice tests; flashcards, and other study aids.

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License Application Counseling: Help with the Licensure Application Process

MaMHCA provides three options for receiving help with the Licensure Application process. Choose the option which best fits your needs. 

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License Information & Updates: Presentations for Graduate Programs & Organizations 

Preparation is the key to becoming a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. Let MaMHCA help support the journey to becoming licensed. We can provide one to two hour presentations on preparing for licensure for graduate students, post-graduates, and field supervisors. Cost - $250 Honorarium (from sponsoring organization)

Custom presentations are also available to meet your school’s or organization’s particular needs.

For more information or to schedule a presentation, please contact David McAllister at 508-698-0010 or send an email.


Loan Repayment Program

In a recent Newsletter MaMHCA wrote about SAMSHA releasing increased funds to states to attract and keep health care clinicians. These funds have arrived in Massachusetts!

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Printed Guides

MaMHCA offers two comprehensive guides to its members:

       MaMHCA’s Student Guide to Becoming a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC)                                    

      MaMHCA’s Guide to Becoming Licensed - Getting your LMHC for the Post MA Clinician 

These brochures include contact information for exam and license applications, and important "licensure do's and don'ts" to help avoid common pitfalls in the training and application process and achieving LMHC success. Brochures can be downloaded as PDFs from the members Only section. Join MaMHCA to access these brochures and more.


Power Point Presentation for Graduate Faculty: Obtaining the LMHC License, A Professor’s Guide. For graduate faculty, adjunct faculty and field supervisors, this Powerpoint presentation reviews the LMHC regulations, CMR 262, in detail, highlighting the must-know and must-do issues for educators preparing students to become LMHCs. Please contact MaMHCA for more information.