Over 40 Years of Service to the Mental Health Community

MaMHCA: Massachusetts Mental Health Counselors Association

For Mental Health Agencies


MaMHCA is proud to offer programs that support the important work of Community Mental Health Agencies throughout the Commonwealth.

Job and Career Fairs

MaMHCA’s Annual Job and Career Fairs have provided invaluable opportunities for Agencies to economically and efficiently find prospective staff. Agencies that participate in our Fairs can have a free 1-year link from our website on our Job Opportunities Page.

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Job Listings Mental Health Agencies, Clinics, EAPS, Schools

Now you can reach qualified LMHCs and Mental Health Counselors in the LMHC licensure track with direct ads for specific job openings in your organization. Agencies that participate in MaMHCA’s Job and Career Fairs (2012 Fair and/or 2013 Fair coming up) receive a discounted rate.  We have both Classified and Display Ad opportunities. Agencies not participating in a Fair can purchase a link from our site.

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Trainings on LMHC Licensure

MaMHCA provides trainings at your site for staff interested in obtaining LMHC licensure.

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MaMHCA Supervision Training Program

MaMHCA offers a comprehensive (30 CE, 8 workshop), training program on supervision theory, skills, and legal and ethical requirements of supervision, that is specifically tailored to supervising prospective LMHCs interning and/or working in agency settings. Participants have an opportunity to become a MaMHCA Certified Supervisor when they complete the program. Click Here for more information on this program.

MaMHCA Certified Supervisors can serve as Contract Supervisors, as designated in the CMR 262, for prospective LMHC candidates needing LMHC supervision hours for licensure, and as Mandated Supervisors for the Allied Board of Mental Health and Human Services Professions. 

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