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Advocating with NBCC re NCMHCE and DSM-5

January 22, 2014 01:17 PM

MaMHCA has recently sent a letter to the NBCC/CCE Testing Committee stating our concerns and questions regarding starting to test on DSM-5 in April 2014. 

Our concerns reflect the fact that Implementation of DSM-5 in Massachusetts is projected to occur in October of 2014.  Several third party payers and state departments and agencies have indicated that they don’t intend to implement a change to DSM-5 until the concurrent change to ICD-10 in October 2014. Most graduate programs are still teaching DSM-IV this (fall) semester, and will only move to DSM-5 for the spring; and we are concerned that our students and aspiring LMHCs will not have adequate time and information to prepare for an April examination that contains DSM-5 content.

We asked NBCC/CCE:

  • to reconsider and set the start date for DSM-5 material appearing on the NCMHCE to October 2014. 
  • to officially post on their web-site, whatever date they decide to go forward with.
  • when the NBCC study guide for the NCMHCE will contain sample questions that reflect the new DSM-5 diagnostic framework, as well as the new categories of Supervision, Administration and Consultation that NBCC announced for the NCMHCE in January of 2013?

We will keep you posted about their response.