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2019 MaMHCA Election

July 1, 2019 04:00 PM

MaMHCA 2019 Election for office of President-Elect

For the first time in MaMHCA's 38 year history, two individuals are running for the office of President-Elect!

As Evan Schinell, LMHC begins his 2-year term (2019-2021) as MaMHCA President, either Jennifer Hurley, LMHC, or John Ciervo, LMHC, pictured below, will serve as the President-Elect, learning the ropes and generally helping Evan and the Board as we plan and deliver services and programs for our MaMHCA members. 


Here's the election process:


  • Members will first receive a Constant Contact/MaMHCA Media mailing with the Candidate's statements (also available below)
  • Followed by a mailing with a link to the election ballot
  • Voting will be open for 3 weeks from 7/3/2019 starting at 9am up to 7/24/19 at 4pm
  • The Winner will be announced on our web page and in the September Newsletter

Good luck to Jenn Hurley and John Ciervo!

Candidate Statements


John Ciervo, LMHC, LADC-1


Jennifer Hurley, LMHC

I am writing to you to express my interest in the position of President –Elect of the Massachusetts Mental Health Counselors Association. 

I have extensive experience as a mental health clinician and administrator, and have held numerous teaching positions in the field. In addition, I have demonstrated my commitment to the profession through my volunteer work with MaMHCA (recipient of the 2016 President’s Award).

The president of any not-for-profit faces the challenges of leading an organization with limited financial resources. As such, creativity, fundraising, and forging dynamic partnerships are essential tools in working to serve his/her constituents and to ensure sustainability and growth. During my career I have worked closely with both advocacy and oversight boards, and have spearheaded efforts to establish effective working relationships with community organizations and other partnering and advocacy groups. I would be enthusiastic about engaging existing and new partners and opportunities without compromising MaMHCA’s mission and independence.

As an organization charged with serving the needs of mental health counselors and their clients; as the voice of the profession in Massachusetts; as the organization that disseminates information but, more important, serves as the lead association that works effectively with Boston to shape and work for effective change; as the catalyst that helps destigmatize mental illness in Massachusetts, as the organization that works to bring about increased access to support systems for our clients and to create change at the state and local level, and to form alliances to work at the national level as well, nowhere are energetic leadership skills more essential than in the presidency of MaMHCA. In private practice, in the classroom, as a school/college administrator, and in the psychiatric unit of the Emergency Department in one of Boston’s busiest hospitals, I have demonstrated the type of critical thinking skill-set and effective, dynamic leadership skills essential to leading MaMHCA’s vision and mission.

While MaMHCA’s principal goals are to serve the needs of our members in areas such as continuing education, public policy initiatives, legislative advocacy, standards for education, licensing, and ethics – with one in five U.S. adults living with a mental illness (more than 50 million in 2016), it is safe to say that nearly every family is affected by mental health concerns, or has a close friend who is, our vision, our mission, and our impact is much broader and far reaching.  

My professional and personal interest in both mental health counseling and advocacy stem from my father’s mental illness (OCD), and its effect on my family. This experience motivated me to become a professional counselor and a voice for other victims and families who suffer from the forces of mental disease.

I am highly enthusiastic about the opportunity to serve as president-elect of MaMHCA, and believe that my education training, work experience, dedication to both the profession and to advocacy make me an ideal candidate for the position.

I look forward to hearing from you to discuss further what will be for me an exciting, challenging, and professionally and personally rewarding position.

I am running as a candidate for the position of President -Elect of MaMHCA and I am very honored to be doing so.

Please consider the following as my official statement, for the purpose of educating  voting members of the organization as to who I am and what my intentions are in choosing to pursue this role.

There are a lot of things that I could say about myself to assure you that I have required skills to do this job. I feel obligated in a way to provide a resume-like paragraph outlining my education and clinical experience. I will tell you briefly that I do have a license in good standing and therefore possess all of the necessary requirements to hold it. I am proud of this and it took me 11 years of education and internships and perseverance to accomplish it. However, this makes me no different than many of our members.

I am also inclined to discuss that in the course of the last 15 years I have had the pleasure of working with families of all kinds (biological families and professional ones), as a teacher, case manager, supervisor, clinician, mother, peer supporter, general leader and general follower. I pride myself in promoting growth, autonomy, teamwork and kindness in all of these roles and I am confident that despite mistakes along the way I have been successful in doing just that. However, this makes me no different than many of our members.

I have been on the MaMHCA board for over two years now as a volunteer and I have dedicated time to developing and participating in programs designed to service the greater membership because this part of the mission statement speaks to me. I feel compelled to tell you this to demonstrate my commitment to A) serving the community of mental health professionals and B) the betterment of the service we provide to our clients. I am aware that each of you in your own way seek to do the same. So, this service makes me no different than many of our members either.

So why am I running for this office?

All of the information above about me is true, but all of us have put time into our education, experience and service. What made me different is MaMHCA itself, and what my involvement has done for me:

MaMHCA pushed the boundaries of my knowledge,             experience and training.

MaMHCA continues to expand my comfort zone by              encouraging me to consider new roles.

MaMHCA has prevented me from being isolated in private practice for the last five years.

MaMHCA gave me a family of professionals who know exactly what I am going through and what I need.

I’m accepting this nomination because I am willing to support this amazing team, to participate in the growth of the organization that makes us-all of us members- different together, in the best of ways. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.