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Licensure Information

Important New Information: NCMHCE is now in Computer-Based Format and given once per week per month in Boston and Holyoke.

Licensure Applications:

Applications for Licensure  may be obtained by:

1. Calling or writing to the Board of  Professional Licensure at: Board of Allied Health &  Human Services Professions, 239 Causeway Street, Boston, MA 02114

Telephone: 617-727-3080

2. Calling  CCE/NBCC at: 888-817-8283


Licensure Regulations:

The specific requirements re licensure as an LMHC are outlined in the CMR 262.  You will need this to prepare your license application. The CMR 262 can be downloaded from the Division of Professional Licensure website or by calling the State House Book Store at 617-727-2834


Licensure Examination:

The Board of Professional Licensure, Allied  Health and Human Services has contracted with NBCC (the National Board of Certified Counselors) for testing for Licensed Mental Health Counselors. Massachusetts uses the clinical test referred to as the NCMHCE. (National Clinical Mental Health Counselor Exam). 


Registration and Eligibility: 

To register for and take the exam you must have your Masters degree. However, you may take the license exam prior to completing your Post-Masters Work Experience. To register with NBCC for the test you also must have first requested the license application from the Mass. Board of Registration/CCE. Pre-registration is required and the registration deadlines are strictly enforced. The License Application also contains the Application for the License Examination (NCMHCE)

Contact NBCC & AMP for new computer exam registration and procedures:

NCMHCE Registration
3-D Terrace Way
Greensboro North Carolina 27404
Phone 919-547-0607


Contacting AMP: NBCC/CCE’s Computer Exam Contractor

AMP administers the new computer-based exam. Individuals should contact AMP for exam date availability after receiving Registration Confirmation from NBCC. Phone: 888-519-9901. AMP web: www.goAMP.com


About the Exam:

The Licensure Exam is in the clinical simulation format and contains progressive sets of questions designed to resemble an  actual clinical experience. The simulations contain questions that assess clinical information gathering and decision making skills related to various aspects of clients' treatment including assessment and diagnosis, treatment planning, professional practice issues, treatment evaluation and outcomes.   


Examination  Preparation:

MaMHCA offers workshops to prepare people for the licensure examination. Exam Prep Workshops are offered three times a year. Membership in MaMHCA will automatically put you on the mailing list to receive information about these workshops. These are 3-day, weekend workshops conducted by the Psychotherapists Training Institute (PTI).  PTI also has a license exam preparation handbook and study guide which may be purchased separately. The MaMHCA course and PTI workbook cover all the  content areas addressed by the test. (National Clinical Mental Health Counseling Examination, or NCMHCE). Read more or visit our events calendar to see our next Exam Prep Workshop.


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