Over 30 Years of Service to the Mental Health Community

MaMHCA: Massachusetts Mental Health Counselors Association



MaMHCA provides a broad range of information, education and advocacy for graduate students in mental health counseling and MaMHCA is committed to actively promoting policies, services and legislation that ensures and enhances the education and training of our future LMHCs.

Vital Information about becoming licensed as an LMHC:       

  • Comprehensive information on achieving your LMHC license. We offer important contact information, the following guides for students and post-MA clinicians, and more. including "Licensure Do's and Don'ts," important contact information, and more.

"Licensure Do's and Don'ts"

“MaMHCA’s Student Guide to Becoming a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC)”                                   

“MaMHCA’s Guide to Becoming Licensed - Getting your LMHC for the Post MA Clinician”

  • Help for your graduate instructors. Help them give you all the correct, up-to-date information about LMHC license requirements and policies.  Tell them about this resource! Power Point Presentation for Graduate Faculty: “Obtaining the LMHC License, A Professor’s Guide.”
  •  Informational talks at your school on licensure.


Haberman-Williams MaMHCA Scholarship

This one year, non-renewable award is open to any MaMHCA member who is a current Mental Health Counseling graduate student. The award recipient will have demonstrated their commitment to mental health counseling and excellence in academic performance.  Read more and download an application.


2012 Scholarship recipient Courtney Carpenter

See previous scholarship winners.

MaMHCA Job & Career Fairs Annually

Held each spring, the MaMHCA Job & Career Fair brings together and effectively connects students and graduates seeking internships and jobs with mental health service agencies and organizations that are looking for interns and employees.

In 2013, the 7th annual MaMHCA Job & Career Fair will be held Friday April 26, 2013.


MaMHCA Certified Supervisor Listing

MaMHCA Certified Supervisors serve aspiring LMHCs as Contract Supervisors to graduate students in Practica and Internships, and Post MA individuals accruing their work experience for their LMHC in qualified agencies. All MaMHCA Certified Supervisors have completed the required two-year training in supervision theory, issues and competencies, and presented evidence of their supervisory skills to the faculty of the training program.  Learn more about the supervisor training program.

  • If you are in need of an Approved and Highly Trained LMHC Supervisor please contact the MaMHCA office for referrals in your area:
  • E-mail
  • Phone: 508-698-0010           


Professional Liability Insurance

Professional Liability Insurance for Students & Recent Graduates is an essential part of wise and ethical clinical practice. MaMHCA encourages every mental health counselor to have their own liability insurance, regardless if they work in an agency that also has coverage.

MaMHCA Members are eligible for Professional Liability Insurance with CPH & Associates (Underwritten by Philadelphia Insurance Companies A+ rating). This insurance program is:

  • •Very Low Cost
  • •Very High Quality, and
  • •Includes free Risk Management Consultation Yearly