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The Haberman-Williams MaMHCA Scholarship Program was named in honor of Berna Haberman, MaMHCA founder and Midge Williams, 1st and current MaMHCA Executive Director.  Berna and Midge have both played integral roles in the development and success of Licensed Mental Health Counselors in Massachusetts.

Since 2010, this one year, non-renewable award is open to any MaMHCA member who is a current Mental Health Counseling graduate student. The award recipient will have demonstrated his/her commitment to mental health counseling and excellence in academic performance.

Here is what the winner will receive

  • Recognition by MaMHCA as an outstanding graduate student in mental health counseling.
  • Financial scholarship that will be distributed equally over two semesters.
  • A one year MaMHCA membership during the scholarship year.  Join now.
  • Mentoring support including but not limited to licensing support services.
  • Annual conference fee waiver during the scholarship year.

Applications for the 2014 – 2015 Academic year are now available.

Application deadline is May 1, 2014.

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The scholarship program relies solely on donations of both money and time.  Please consider supporting future Massachusetts Mental Health Counselors.

  • Monetary donations can be made directly to the scholarship fund.

Donations in any amount will be gratefully accepted. MaMHCA is a non-profit, educational organization. Your donation is tax deductible.  Donate here.

  • Time can be donated by joining the Scholarship Committee

The Scholarship Committee is an excellent opportunity to give back and help continue the growth of our profession by supporting the next generation of LMHCs.  Please contact our office for more information.

  • MaMHCA holds various fundraisers throughout the year.  Please call the main office at 508-698-0010 to learn more or to contribute through one of these fundraisers. 

The 2013-14 Annual Haberman-Williams MaMHCA Scholarship was awarded to Erin Fitzgerald and Venus Taylor.


E_FitzgeraldErin Fitzgerald has achieved success during her undergraduate and graduate careers both in and out of the classroom. She has gone the extra mile to immerse herself in the field through research in addition to her course work and internship. She also serves on Assumption’s Judicial Appeals Board.

Erin was in Japan conducting a cross-cultural research project and working as an undergraduate intern at the Tokyo English Life Line Counseling Center in 2011 when the earthquake and subsequent tsunami hit. She volunteered for two weeks, working eighteen hour shifts, at the crisis center that was established by the U.S. embassy aiding both Americans in Japan and their family members in the U.S. 

As one of Erin’s professor’s described her: “In addition to being intellectually gifted, dedicated, and resourceful, Erin is also remarkably resilient.” Another professor described Erin this way: “Erin is a remarkable young woman who is intelligent, intuitive and dedicated to the helping profession at many different levels. She is an extremely strong graduate student who is well respected by professors and students alike.


V_TaylorVenus Taylor describes herself as being passionate about family and youth counseling and started on that path during her teen years. As a young adult, Venus worked with young people in Boston public schools as a Prevention Specialist. Additionally, she has authored a book, Becoming the Mom I Wish I’d Had, about her raising and homeschooling her two children.

She has excelled academically and in her practicum where she devoted twice the amount of hours required of her. Venus has future plans for working with children and families that will mark her as a leader in our field while providing much needed services for children and families.

Venus has been described by one of her professors thusly: “Venus not only excels in her clinical skills, but in her natural ability to form meaningful connections with the children and families n client load. It is clear to me that Venus has a real commitment to her clients, career, and Community.” Her practicum supervisor said: “Ms. Taylor would often go above and beyond her role to make sure that all family members were connected to the most appropriate community supports.”


The Haberman-Williams MaMHCA scholarship not only provides a $1,000 scholarship but the following benefits as well: 

  1. a one year MaMHCA membership during the scholarship year, 

  2. mentoring support including but not limited to licensing support services, and

  3. an annual conference fee waiver during scholarship year.

Congratulations to Erin and Venus on winning the Haberman-Williams MaMHCA Scholarship.