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Welcome to MaMHCA’s Featured Member Profile, spotlighting 1 MaMHCA member each month. The Profiles include information that we hope will highlight the work of individual LMHCs and also let members and other visitors to our site become acquainted with the range of expertise and professionalism of LMHCs as mental health service providers. 

Posting categories also encourage sharing information that is educational and informative for mental health counseling graduate students, individuals who are starting out as professionals, and individuals who may be interested in joining the field.

The postings categories include: Name, License, Graduate School, How Long a MaMHCA Member, Current Job, Area of Specialty Practice (if any), First Job in Field, Special Professional Accomplishments/Activities (e.g. Publications, Workshops, Trainings, Awards, Speaking Engagements), What I Like Best About Being an LMHC, Hardest Part About Being an LMHC, Advice I Would Give to Someone Starting in This Field, and a PDF/JPG Photo (optional). 

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Featured Member

Name:  Jennifer Driscoll

What graduate school did you attend?  Boston University School of Medicine

How long have you been a MaMHCA Member?  1 year

Current Job and area of Specialty Practice:  Early Intervention.

What was your first job in the field?  Emergency Service Provider

What do you like Best about being an LMHC?  Having the opportunity to make a positive impact

What is the Hardest part about being an LMHC?  Feeling like you haven't been able to do enough