Over 30 Years of Service to the Mental Health Community

MaMHCA: Massachusetts Mental Health Counselors Association



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Prepare to be Inspired! 

► By MaMHCA Members who:

  • Counseled airline personnel at Logan Airport on 9/11 and 9/10

  • Counseled responders at Ground Zero

  • Worked in Louisiana and Mississippi after Katrina

  • Counseled responders during the California Fires 

► By Mental Health Agencies who:

  • Initiated health insurance plans for fee-for-service LMHCs

  • Initiated paid internships for LMHC candidates

► By Counselor Educators who:

  • Created the LMHC Licensure Examination Preparation Courses

  • Created the Continuing Education Certification Program

► By Legislators who:

  • Sponsored legislation for MaMHCA to enhance LMHC practice 

  • Sponsored legislation for MaMHCA to enhance consumer access


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Past Award Winners