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Conference Program #2:



Deep Waters and High Waves: Steadying the Parental Ship

by Norman Tonelli, LMHC





Being able to “captain the ship” when either parental conflict or outright sabotage is taking place, is one of the biggest challenges faced by those working with kids. And yet it is often the health of the family leadership that is the foundation of the healthy functioning of the family.  Using case studies and vignettes, Norm will share many of the successful techniques that he has developed and implemented to respond to the challenges we all face when working with families. 

About the Presenter: Norman Tonelli, LMHC, author of “Raising Great Kids-A Parent’s Guide to Building Self- Esteem in Children”, (1995) is a leading consultant on parent effectiveness and human potential development. He is an outstanding speaker with an ability to use comedy, music, impersonations and other creative avenues to educate and inspire people to grow. As developer of “Educational Entertainment", Norm employs songs, skits, impressions, poems, and stand-up comedy to address important issues of the day.